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Sengadal nominated for NAWFF Award

Sengadal nominated for Network of Asian Women’s Film Festivals (NAWFF) Award
Sengadal by Chennai-based filmmaker, Leena Manimekalai, wins the Network of Asian Women's Film Festival (NAWFF) Award for 2011. The NAWFF Award aims to recognise and promote talented women filmmakers in Asia. A special jury comprising representatives from Women's International Film Festivals in Korea, Japan, India and Taiwan, met in Tokyo to select the winner. A total of 5 films drawn from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Israel and India competed for the NAWFF award. Sengadal was highly commended as a bold and brave film that sensitively portrayed the plight of the fisher folk in Dhanushkodi, caught as they were in the interstices of a long and difficult ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka between the Sinhalese and Tamil people. With live footage and interviews, the film was appreciated as a stellar piece of work by a young and talented filmmaker.

nawffIn April 2010, The Samsung Women’s International Film Festival, (SWIFF), curated by InKo Centre and presented with support from Samsung India Electronics Ltd. and a host of national and international partners joined the Network of Asian Film Festivals (NAWFF) as one of the founding members, along with the International Women’s Film Festivals in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. NAWFF has been mooted with a view to share and optimise resources, provide a platform for exhibition and distribution. NAWFF was formally inaugurated at the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul in April 2010 with an aim to share resources, link into larger networks and to insitute the NAWFF award starting 2010. This is an award given to Women filmmakers in Asia, drawing from a list recommended by NAWFF member countries. The winning and selected films will be shown at the participating Festivals and hence will have the opportunity to travel across Asia. The NAWFF 2010 award went to the Korean film A Brand New Life by Ounie Lecomte. This film was screened at the 4th SWIFF in Chennai, in July this year. NAWFF 2011 will be hosted alongside the Tokyo International Women’s Film Festival in Tokyo in October 2011 and the NAWFF selection panel has selected Leena Manimekalai’s Sengadal from India for consideration for the NAWFF 2011 award. The film premiered at the 4th SWIFF in Chennai in July 2011.