Landscape of the Heart

- a ceramic exhibition by Sung Jae Choi

A specially commissioned virtual exhibition

Buncheong ware, or Punch'ong, is a form of traditional Korean stoneware, which take on a bluish-green or grayish-green colour tone on the body after glazing and firing and are then overlaid with white through the application of white-clay slip. Decorative designs are painted on the white slip using an iron pigment. It is the variations in decoration according to the white slip technique that characterizes the Buncheong style.

The clay and the glaze are basically a continuation of celadon but the clay body for Buncheong has a lower iron content than celadon clay, making Buncheong brighter in colour.

This style of stoneware originated in Korea in the 14th century and continues to be created today. Variations in the making process from region to region and in different periods were factors that led to the diversification of Buncheong as a style.

Sung Jae Choi's exhibition Landscape of the Heart, is divided into 4 thematic sections, each dealing with a specific process that emphasises harmonious forms of the natural world without as well as the peaceful landscape within.



Credit: Young Jo Kim.
Presented in association with Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea.

Sung Jae Choi


Sung Jae Choi

1985 Bachelor of Ceramics, Fine Arts School, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea.

1990 Master of Ceramics, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea.

Until 1992 Worked as a designer at Korea's Traditional Ceramics Research Institute to modernize the aesthetic sense and function of traditional ceramics

1993 to 1994 Worked as a resident and as a visiting artist at Banff Art Center in Canada, Long Beach University, Art Farm and The Clay Studio in U.S.A.

1995 Returned to Korea and regularly presented ceramics lectures and ceramic work at Universities and participated in many international ceramic workshops.

2006 Guest Professor at New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University (U.S.A)

Since 2017 Guest Professor at Jingdezhen Ceramic University (China)

Since 1999 Member of the International Academy of Ceramics (Switzerland), Korea Contemporary Ceramic Arts Association and currently a member of the International Committee of Korea Ceramic Arts Foundation.

Since 2002 Professor of Ceramics at the Department of Traditional Arts & Crafts, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage; Currently, Head of the Graduate School.


To date, have presented 38 solo ceramic exhibitions in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan and have participated in over 300 domestic and overseas invitational group exhibitions.

Works have been exhibited in 40 domestic and foreign art museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in U.K., Sevres National Museum of Ceramics in France, The Art Institute of Chicago and Philadelphia Museum in the U.S., Korea National Contemporary Arts Museum and Korea Ceramic Foundation.



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