Annyeong Station

Annyeong Station, is a platform in our infotainment section, for conversation, interaction and exchange. With a focus on Korean popular culture, this online space will include two segments:

K-factor: with freewheeling discussions, fun facts, demos and personalised conversations, with invited\ guests and K-enthusiasts, on K-pop, food, drama and fashion.

K-lounge: with curated interactions with industry specialists and influencers.

Here below are the archived videos of presentations made on Annyeong Station’s K-lounge platform.

Videos Archive

First Korean to win a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Squid Games- Season 2

Annyeong Station K lounge Episode 2 - K Drama - Jjang

Annyeong Station - K-Beauty - Soumya Nayar & Deepshika