Chennai - Waterless, Watermore

- at The Gallery @ InKo Centre.

Chennai - Waterless, Watermore

Chennai - the monsoons of surfeit and of so little.
Chennai - the summer sometimes so dry.
Chennai - where the overflow drowns the city.
Chennai - where the summer is parched.

The city of Chennai has, over decades, experienced either drought or floods. The relationship with water has been a complex one for residents of Chennai.

Confronted with often less and sometimes more water, the people of Chennai have always been affected by this constant oscillation. Climate change and poor planning are often debated as the core reasons for this situation.

Waterless, Watermore is an exhibition of paintings, dedicated to the spirited people of Chennai who bravely face drought and floods with equanimity.

The exhibition commemorates the Madras Week celebrations in the city in August 2022.

The exhibition is presented by Art-is, a collective of 6 artists based in Chennai. The artists who approach water in their distinct styles, individually and collectively delve into the core of their being to present their response to the paucity and excess of water.




The link to view the exhibition will be accessible until Friday, 30 September 2022.

About ART-IS

Six artists met at various art camps, ICF, Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, SAMA Farms, Kodaikanal and Kala Srot Gallery, Lucknow.

Travelling, painting and bonding over many cups of tea brought them together to form a group to paint and do art shows together as a team, to collectively express their individual creativities through their signature styles of painting.

Artis VIIIXVIII=VIII a thematic art show in small format, was held online in September 2002 and at Dakshinachitra in Chennai in December 2020.

Art Camps were held in a farm house near Chennai and in Thiruvannamalai and included visits to ancient art and archeological sites.

Gaja & Gramam was a thematic art show held in Chennai and Coimbatore in July 2022.

The artists from left to right: Jacob Jebaraj, Shailesh Bo, Asma Menon, Thejomaye Menon, Kavitha Prasad and Gita Hudson.