Clik | Edition 28 | July 2023.
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We are delighted to open our cultural calendar and to re-connect with you through live events at physical spaces, via hybrid modes or virtually at the click of a button! We invite you to join us, whenever you are ready, or from wherever you are, on myriad creative journeys, where with valued partners in India and in Korea, we explore new pathways and experiences, the magic of live performances and exhibitions or engage with those newly imagined from creation to reception and distribution on digital platforms. In this edition, as we open our cultural calendar, through a combination of phygital presentations, we invite you to evocative journeys and sensory experiences that though moored in local culture, connect and resonate with audiences worldwide!

We hope, with this e-digest, to stay meaningfully connected with you, to discover and engage with the unique, local characteristics as well as the shared, global dimensions of the dynamic, ongoing intercultural dialogue between India and Korea.

His Day

- by ArtstageSan, South Korea.

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5 to 14

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His Day portrays the daily life of a tired salary man, stuck in a monotonous routine. Exhausted from work every day, he finds solace at night, in memories of his happy childhood. His boss's obsession with results pressures him and he feels like a circus acrobat being whipped. With his servile behavior, the man's life is nothing special and could easily represent the lives of ordinary, working-class people. The actors and puppets play the same characters, enhancing both imagery and messages. The production is accompanied by lyrical music and is a unique blend of objects, music, videos, mime and puppetry.

Director: Jo Hyunsan
Art Director: Ru Jiyun
Producer: Jungseok Oh
Composer: Jung Jaehwan
Lighting Designer: Kim Keonyoung
Managing Director: Youngmi Ue
Asistant Art Director: Minhea Kang
Sound Operator: Kang Minhea
Production Manager: Kim Jinyeong

About ArtstageSAN

ArtstageSAN is a creative art group from South Korea who bring puppets to life, allowing them to become living and breathing performers on stage. The theatre group aims to discover and experiment with the possibilities of puppet theatre and its theatrical grammar. The group present pleasurable, heartwarming impressions through diverse stories that use puppets as a medium, incorporating a constant evolution of visual effects. Furthermore, their performances raise life questions for the audience to ponder upon.

The following is the schedule for the 3-city tour in India:


Wednesday, 5 July, 2023 & Thursday, 6 July, 2023.
11.00 a.m. at the Auditorium, Anna Centenary Library, Chennai.
For tickets, please log on to or contact 044 - 28211115.


Sunday 9 July, 2023.
3.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. at Ranga Shankara, Bengaluru.
For tickets, please log on to or contact 080 - 26592777.


Friday 14 July, 2023.
10.00 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. at NIFT, HITEC City, Hyderabad.
For tickets, please email or contact +91 94904 40986.

Suitable for children aged 12 years+ and for adults. Duration - 60 minutes (Non - Verbal).

For further information, please contact InKo Centre - T: 044 24361224; E:

Learn Seoye (Korean Calligraphy) & Minhwa (Korean folk painting)



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Seoye or Korean calligraphy is not a symmetrical arrangement of conventional shapes but rather, something like the coordinated movements of a skillfully choreographed dance - impulse, movement, momentary poise and the interplay of active forces combining to form a balanced whole. With simple, basic rules learn to write Hangul - the graphic Korean alphabet and draw flowers like chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms.

Minhwa or Korean folk painting, is an extraordinary, unconventional form of traditional Korean art which encompasses a variety of subjects and methods of expression and displays a strong adherence to symbols and events drawn from everyday life. Minhwa ranges from bird and flower paintings to the tiger and the dragon and the ten longevity symbols. Strong lines, vivid colours, bold, unconventional wit, humour and innate optimism combine to create a philosophy that is uniquely Korean.

In-person classes by experienced faculty from Korea.

Registration for the course commencing in July 2023 is now open.

Every Saturday / 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Course commences on Saturday, 8 July 2023.

Course duration: 3 months.

Limited seats available. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further information, please contact InKo Centre - T: 044 24361224; E:

Shades & Tints

at The Gallery@InKo Centre



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Shades and Tints, focuses on varied nuances in colour, texture and form by 6 South Indian artists who utilise the classic analogue format with no technical augmentation to translate their ideas into stories on canvas. The themes of their artworks are at once rooted in the local while global in terms of thematic concerns. This exhibition supports Rotary International Foundation’s mission to eradicate polio. A live art demo by the creative artist Manoharan, will complement the exhibition.

Exhibition: 18 July to 30 July 2023, at The Gallery @ InKo Centre, Chennai.
Live Art Demo: Saturday 29 July from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at InKo Centre.


Afshana Sharmeen
NS Manoharan
Priya Ilango
Selva Senthil Kumar
Vinitha Anand

About the artists:

Afshana Sharmeen

Growing up in an incredible yet developing nation like India and possessing a sensitive and creative disposition, Sharmeen's artwork reflect the urban landscape in myriad forms. The bustle and hustle of the city has left a lasting impression on the artist and permeates her artworks. When in the process of searching for a motif, after several deliberations, she creates lines and forms that depict the restlessness of the city. Her drawings are based on her surrounding environment, the traffic, the rush hour and various types of transportation. Being an artist, she always searches for a soul in all this seeming chaos, through light, colors and forms. The result has been a creative journey in this genre for the artist, for the past 10 years. She continues to journey forth, simplifying space and time with an aim to create a visual emotion.


The multifaceted work of Daksha examines creative decision, constructive process and deep insights. Having taken a post graduation in Masters in Fine Arts her foundations in academia are reflected strongly in her works. Daksha delved into the world of study of museums and she completed her Inter-Disciplinary Doctorate in Labour studies and History of Fine Arts. She took a sabbatical from Fine Arts and became a serial entrepreneur. She has now come a full circle in her business ventures and has Co-Founded 'Art Cube Gallery' a LLP company for having hybrid art shows. Through all this she has been working in Charcoals, oils and water colours. Her themes set out to portray the labour intensive and risk-taking lives of the fisherfolks and also captures seascapes. She has held art shows in Cupertino in California-USA, Chennai, Bangalore, Chester County in Philadelphia-USA, Kingston-UK and Pictor Gallery in NY-USA , World Art Dubai and an online art show that was a fund raiser for the Polio project of Rotary International and has participated in all of them.

N S Manoharan

N S Manoharan is the former Principal of the Government College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam. He has to his credit the goodwill of many co-artists and numerous students. He is a versatile artist and dabbles with several mediums like Indian ink, charcoal, acrylic or oil colours and is a master of watercolour. His watercolours are detailed and he constantly innovates with new techniques and methods to improve his art. His paintings are picturesque and reflects the beauty of the locations chosen. N S Manoharan's works was recently sold at an auction in New York. He has held several successful exhibitions, especially many in Southeast Asia and in other parts around the world.

Priya Ilango

Priya Ilango's earliest memories of growing up in the South Indian city of Chennai remains steeped in art and aesthetics. Watching her father and celebrated artist, A V Ilango, ruminating on the quintessence of the elusive line, drawing out robust forms from its earthy, rural roots and tempering them with ethereal elegance on large canvases, or reflecting on the vitality of the spirit of art in its varied forms, were amongst Priya's foundational artistic influences. Over time, these influences have resulted in deep roots that have defined her art. Drenched in an unselfconscious sensuality, Priya Ilango's visual forms reach out for the sublime. Polar opposites juxtapose to unlock the experience of what lies beyond. Priya's proprietary label Priya Ilango Designs showcases works on natural fabrics.

Selva Senthil Kumar

Selva Senthil Kumar explores the face of human beings as life form endowed with six senses and complements this with the form of an auto, a man-made vehicle. Inspired by the poetry of all forms of life, he embraces life and continues his quest in myriad ways. When the artist creates a dot with his conscious mind and transforms it into a line, a deep emotion arises in his subconscious mind that pulls the line hither and thither on the canvas to create a work of art. Natural surroundings, the interactions between different living beings and the creations of other artists inspire him and find a place on the canvas. Water, a material so transparent and pure attracts him to work with watercolours. He lets his emotions flow fluidly through colour to settle as forms on canvas.

Vinitha Anand

Vinitha Anand was born in 1964 in Thiruvananthapuram, and painting has been a passion for her since childhood. Her painting talents were honed by renowned artist Shri B.D.Dethan and Vinitha's deftness in sculpture owes much to mentoring by sculptor, V.Satheesan. She had actively participated in art retreats led by critically acclaimed artist A.V. Ilango of Tamil Nadu. Her interactions with the master painter helped her understand the deeper meaning ingrained in art forms. For her it was a tryst with something that she had been searching for. During her more than three decades artistic journey, Vinitha presented over a dozen solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions in and out of the country.

About the Curators:

The curators of this show are the Founders of Art Cube Gallery LLP (ACG) - AV Ilango, B. Dakshayani and Priya Ilango - all artists, in their own right. AV Ilango, an internationally renowned artist, brings to bear his rich experience in the art field while Dakshayani and Priya, bring in their academic training to present this art show as a fund raiser. Dakshayani and Priya Ilango are also exhibiting their artworks beside four other artists who are drawn from various parts of Southern India

With a mission to champion the under-represented artists and foster relationships to bring exposure and international visibility ACG has been curating many art shows in India and abroad including a virtual online portal art show. By assembling prominent voices within the arts on art appreciation and criticism, ACG seeks to reach out to the community at large to engage in cultural discussions and learning.

ACG's philosophy is focused not only on celebrating creative expressions but also addressing social causes by getting philanthropically-minded artists to participate in fundraisers through physical shows and on virtual platforms that reach out to audiences globally.Besides bringing joy and solace to a society that has been ravaged by inequalities, epidemics, and natural disasters through charity art shows, ACG is working consistently to raise awareness of the creative arts.

About our partners:

Art Cube Gallery

Art Cube Gallery with an aim to harness the power of arts and use it as a catalyst to bring about the much-needed positive change in our society is presenting this art show “Shades and Tints” We are here to champion the under-represented artists and seek to foster relationships to bring exposure and international visibility to them. By assembling prominent voices within the arts on art appreciation and criticism we seek to reach out to the community at large to engage in cultural discussions and learning. As part of “art for all” we are looking to experiment by taking art to the aesthetically inclined and letting the interested and the enthused to discover themselves in the creative space by expressing their experiences in various art media.

This art show is focused not only on celebrating the creative expressions but also addressing social causes by getting the philanthropically minded artists to participate in this fundraiser which is specifically for the cause of “End Polio Now” of Rotary International.

Rotary International

Rotary International (RI) is a member-based organization started in 1905 in Chicago, USA and has more countries represented today than the United Nations. The charity navigator which is a charity assessment organization that evaluates charitable organizations, awarded its highest four-star rating in the last nine years for this NGO. In its fight against Polio, the Rotary Foundation, which is the charitable arm of RI, has so far spent 3 billion USD since 1985 and has only two reported cases in Pakistan at present. Since it is a communicable disease and the spread can be like the recent Covid pandemic, RI is still fighting beyond borders to wipe the disease off the face of this earth besides one other disease that was removed, which is smallpox.

The exhibition will open at The Gallery @ InKo Centre on Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at 6.00 p.m.

The exhibition will be on view until 30 July 2023 (except published holidays).

For further information, please contact InKo Centre - T: 044 24361224; E:




Presented in association with

AccessMusic is a series that aims to provide talented emerging musicians with a space to share original scores and songwriting with those who relate to music as essential and energizing. The ambience is relaxed, intimate, so that the musical connect is immediate, meaningful and inclusive. Presented in collaboration with Unwind Centre, this series which is all about access to and through music, places creativity and musical prowess centre stage even while recognizing the power of the arts as a critical enabler, to foster inclusion and reflection to change hearts and minds.

Snigdha Chandra

Snigdha Chandra is a playback singer, who has worked with the top brass in the music indutry such as AR Rahman, Illayaraja, D.Imman etc.

Born with a passion for music and a natural gift for singing, Snigdha earned a recognition for her unique style and soulful performances.

From a young age, Snigdha showed a deep connection with music, displaying a remarkable aptitude for melody and rhythm. Her journey began with classical training, where she honed her vocal skills and developed a strong foundation.

Her musical prowess extends beyond just singing. She is also a songwriter, pouring her emotions and experiences into heartfelt compositions. Her lyrics reflect a depth of understanding and an ability to connect with the listener on a profound level. With her evocative storytelling, Snigdha's songs resonate with authenticity and strike a chord with audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

Snigdha is focused on releasing non film music not restricting herself to a genre but rather utilising different styles of music to tell her stories.

For further information, click on:

About our partners

Unwind Center, a renowned music institution in Chennai, has been nurturing young talent for over twenty years, offering comprehensive training in Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, and Vocals. The Center not only serves as a music school but also provides a platform for aspiring musicians to showcase their work, connect with peers, and share their compositions. Exodus, Chennai's leading music and event management organization, partners with Unwind Center, combining their expertise in producing music festivals, managing radio music, providing club entertainment, and artist management, ensuring unforgettable experiences for music enthusiasts.

Friday, 21 July 2023 at 7.00 pm at InKo Centre.

The AccessMusic series is presented by InKo Centre, in association with Unwind Center, on a bi-monthly basis.

For further information, please contact InKo Centre - T: 044 24361224; E: