Though you're small,
you glide so high,
blessing everyone with light;
What other flame can beam
so brightly in the darkness
of our night? Moon, you
watch but keep silent;
isn't that what a good
friend does?

By Yun Sundo(1587-1671)
  InKo Centre aims to promote an inter-cultural dialogue by facilitating a consistent programme that draws on the rich traditions
of both India and Korea. With a focus on language, culture and information, the Centre will look at the global dimension of such
a dialogue while showcasing the local and national characteristics that underpin such exchange
April 2014
Beyond Binaries is a commissioned Indo-Korean theatre collaboration that explores a story (or stories) of sexual identity inspired by Indian mythology. The production aims to be a journey of discovery, linking traditional and contemporary performance traditions. Read More
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Film Screening
Secret Reunion
28 March 2014

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