InKo Centre aims to promote an inter-cultural dialogue by facilitating a consistent programme that draws on the rich traditions of both India and Korea. With a focus on language, culture and information, the Centre will look at the global dimension of such a dialogue while showcasing the local and national characteristics that underpin such exchange

인코센터는 한국과 인도 양국의 다채로운 전통 문화를 지속적으로 홍보하는 것을 목적으로 합니다. 인코센터는 언어와 문화, 정보를 중심으로 이런 교류를 지지하는 지역과 국가적인 특징을 홍보하며, 세계적인 수준의 행사를 개최합니다.

Events & Activities

Virtual Connect

We hope that you and your family are safe and well. We hope to continue to meaningfully connect and engage with you, both in-person and online, across a range of programmes and services.

In addition to e-mailers and What'sApp messaging, we look forward to informing you about forthcoming initiatives across the following 3 strands, via this website and our social media handles.




This strand will include an online suite of Korean Language classes, specially developed by The King Sejong Institute Foundation and delivered in association with Sangmyung University, Korea.

Masterclasses, workshops and demo sessions facilitated by writers, storytellers and performing and visual artists from Korea and India will also be periodically presented.


This strand will focus on presenting e-magazines, e-catalogues, e-books, webinairs, podcasts as well as links to films, videos and information on singular aspects of Korean and Indian culture.

Cultural Collaborations

This strand will focus on developing cultural collaborations with artists from Korea and India, through virtual residencies; commissioning e-performances and e-exhibitions

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